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Friday, October 19, 2012

Runescape Daily Challenges: How to turn off Maxed 99 Skills

This is just a short update post.  When the Daily Challenges came out, I was essentially all for it.  Except for the skills with 99.  Giving us a suggested task, and some cool rewards for doing it, is a fun way to keep some variety in our training.  But why bother training 99 skills?

Well, I'm sure there are individual cases where someone would want to.  But I'm not a maxed player.  There are plenty of 'unfinished' skills left to work on.  That was my only complaint.  In general, for the effort given, the rewards were very nice.  Often very close to breaking even.  Sometimes even profitable.  I just skipped the ones that didn't appeal to me.

Well Jagex heard us.  Always nice to see that.  They've made several changes, especially towards increasing the experience rewards for Construction, Summoning, Herblore, and Prayer on the challenges.  Nice to see on the Herblore, though I had no complaints.  The others I haven't tried, so no basis for judgement there.

But the best part:  We can now TURN OFF any skill we're maxed in!

Anyway, when I saw the announcement, they didn't say HOW to turn off maxed skills.  So I spent some time searching all over the Daily Challenges and Noticeboard interface. with no luck.  No option anywhere on the board.

Turns out, it's controlled by the Quartermaster in Burthorpe.  Same guy who gives out rewards for completed challenges.  If you talk to him, he'll give you the option to select which skills to de-select.  Hover the mouse over each skill, and it will tell you if you're 99 or not.  Click on it, and it will be X'd out.

Now, I only get tasks that are useful to me personally.  No more wasted assignments.  Every challenge assigned to me are going to help me level something up.  Excellent update.  My hat's off to Jagex.

As far as I'm concerned, the Daily Challenge assignments are perfect now.

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