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Friday, November 16, 2012

Runescape: 99 Agility - The Most Boring Skill in Geilinor!

On my way to Burthorpe!
With all the new content that's come out this year, or coming soon (like the EOC) I haven't had much time to just play Runescape.  There's still new content I haven't seen yet, like the recent Dungeoneering update for solo play, and it's accompanying changes to item binding.

Even with all that going on, I did manage to take some time out recently to work on Agility.  What a slow, boring, mind-numbing skill!!!  There were times I just wanted to chuck it and do something else.  By level 98, I decided to put all my upcoming bonus exp into it.  Usually lamps, penguins, jack-of-trades, and the like all go to Dungeoneering.  (Over time, that trick has brought my Dungeoneering to level 98 with very little actual training.)

As an aside, the daily challenges have been magnificent, ever since Jagex fixed it so you can 'X' out skills you've maxed.  My skills are at a perfect level for me to manipulate the challenges.  I have 6 skills left to get 99 in (or 120, for Dungeoneering).  If a daily challenge is not in a skill I'm trying to raise, I just ignore it.  Currently, the only skills I'm interested in are Mining and Dungeoneering, so the other 4 skills I just leave alone.  As long as I don't allow all 5 daily slots to be full, those unfinished challenges never go away.  We don't get duplicate challenges simultaneously, so those particular skills won't keep popping up.  This means the ONLY challenges I get will be the ones I want.

This plan worked to perfection with Agility.  My final 40k exp to go, and the challenge assigned was 24 laps around the Advanced Barbarian Agility Course.  That's great, it's the best place to train high-level agility.  So I did 24 laps, went and got the Challenge reward, for just enough points to get 99 Agility.

Monique is mildly jealous of this 99. It really is a boring, time-consuming skill. I gleefully pointed out that the Wiki for it states "The Agility cape is currently the 2nd rarest level 99 cape, second only to the Construction cape. This is because of the vast amount of time and patience required to achieve 99 Agility..." The cape isn't one of my favorites for looks, but I have to admit, the emote is pretty cool.
It's nice when a plan comes together! My next goals are for 99 Mining (currently at 94) and 120 Dungeoneering (currently at 98). Most of my time will be spent mining, but whenever a daily challenge comes up for Dungeon, I'll take a break and go play with the monsters in Daemonheim.

Going to change my bonus experience tactics too.  DG has been reworked, and my daily challenges should include plenty of Daemonheim time.  So all my bonus exp will go directly into whichever skill is my current goal for 99.  For now, mining. 

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