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Friday, October 21, 2011

Runescape: Got the Berserker Ring(i)... and all the others too!

Early this morning, before work, I got the last 4 points needed for 300 Rank in Mobilising Armies.  That's from Friday evening to Wednesday morning.  Not horrible I guess, and I bet the max most games.  So my reward points were very well over 2 million.  I imbued All my rings, not just the Berserker.  Archer, Warrior, Seers, even the spares I had as 'placeholders'.  Bought an Onyx Ring as well, and imbued it too.  That's mission accomplished, and one less thing to worry about now.

Oh, if you're wondering what makes an Onyx Ring so special?  Why in the world is a useless ring with 0 stats worth 6 or 7 million gold?  Because of Mobilising Armies.  Once you can imbue it (at rank 300, and with the appropriate reward tokens) it gets stats of 6 across the board on defense and attack!  To me, this makes it the best general purpose combat ring in the entire game.  When you're doing something that will require multiple styles of attack and defense, it's great.  I now use it when I do Barrows.  While the specialty imbued rings have 8's in their specific styles, they're not quite the 'rennaissance' ring that the Onyx Ring(i) is.  They still have their uses... if you absolutely know you're going to be ranging, and no other attack style, then the Archer Ring(i) is supreme.  It all depends on what you're planning to do.

Funny thing, I started playing Mobilising Armies just for the Berserker Ring(i), so my intent was to suicide as often and quickly as possible during the 'Siege' scenario.  But I got into the strategy, and started getting competitive.  Wound up spending TOO much time on some of the games.  Usually 2 teams would suicide, and the other guy would have his eye on the win.  Me too, so there would be some struggle to get the points.  Even losing, you still get a point.  It wound up being a lot more fun than I expected.   I learned to scan everybody playing, and try to predict their strategy.  Before too long, I was winning about half the games, even if someone else was trying to win.  Sometimes, a fight would get complex, and drawn out.  It would take so long, and some of the players pulled some truly intelligent traps and tricks on me.  I tend to compliment someone who's played hard, whether they won or I did.  Some of them just said ok, but one tried his best to curse at me.  Our fight came so close to the wire, we both had some brilliant moves, and some dumb mistakes.  It came down to one squad each, only a sliver of life left, each hoping to get the lucky hit that ended the game.  My side finally won, but back in the de-briefing room when I thanked him for a game well played, all he could do was type many 'f's and 'u's.  Oh well, he still played a great game.
 So even though my intent was to suicide, I wound up playing to win more often than not.  I don't especially want to go back to Mobilising Armies, but it was fun once I learned what to do.

Mission accomplished, rings imbued, it was time to make some money.  After looking around, Barrows sounded like something fun to do, and a chance to play with the new Onyx Ring (i).  Did one trip, got a Dharok's Helm, sold for 1.3 million gold.  That was great, and I should have stopped while I was ahead.  But it took me several more trips before I decided my luck had once again deserted me.
Back to the G.E. and flipping to make some money.  These days, cheap commodities are ruined by bots, and to make a profit, you have to find a more expensive item.  I found some that moved slow, but did make money.  Finished the evening off doing that.

Now I'm back Dungeoneering.  Still working for that Chaotic Rapier.  Long Long Long way to go.  At least it's fun to play!

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