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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Runescape: Dungeoneering, Night Spiders, Shadow Silk Hood, and Haasgenaak

Note:  Again, no pictures... When Runescape updated their client, my screencapture (Howies) is no longer able to capture images from the client.  But I didn't know this, and thought I took pictures of everything mentioned in today's blog.  Bad luck, no pics.  I have a new screencap program now... and it works!

Still working on Dungeoneering.  Soloing a Chaotic Rapier's going to take a while.  At this point, I wouldn't object to teaming for a while, but from what I see on the forums, it's difficult to efficiently team with total strangers for a short-term basis.  Between trouble finding someone who wants to do the same levels I do, and then trying to work on a schedule we can all agree on... and then just trying to work together as a team... it sounds like I'm better off just continuing to solo.

Anyway, so I just made it to level 43 for the first time last night.  It was an interesting trip.  Ran into Flesh-Spoiler Haasgenaak, who spits his eyeball at you then reels it back in on a tether.  Talk about a gross attack!  Blood squirts, his eye hits me, and I'm just wanting to wipe all the slime off before I even try to hit him back.

Then when you defeat him, he has a secondary form.  Sort of a single eyeball on a foot-stalk, and lots of little baby eyeballs attacking you.  I had a Bloodrager summons to help, he was taking out the baby eyes while I handled the main one.  It was kind of fun... but messy.

I'm not the best fighter, either.  Not so hot with the prayer flashing, or switching styles in midstream.  I mainly bull through relying on maxed stats to help me survive.  Not to say I don't try, I just don't do well at actual real-time fighting strategy.  Fighting boss monsters in Dungeoneering is helping me get better.

The other part of last night's interesting features was the Night Spiders.  I spent some major time hunting for a Shadow Silk Hood.  If you've done the same, you know how much time and effort that can take.  Not to mention how rare the Night Spiders are.  I'm always seeing people on the forums talking about not seeing a SSH until they were level 90 or higher.

After spending so much time hunting for them, I can't let go.  So when I see a Night Spider, I have to stop, take screen shots, admire him...  It's still a pretty rare occurrence.  Well, last night, I was somewhere in the high 30's, probably floor 38.  Small, complexity 6, and found not one, but TWO Night Spiders!  Yes, on the same floor.
That was cool enough, but the first one actually dropped a Shadow Silk Hood.  I've been dreading this day ever since I got my own Hood.  I really hate just 'wasting' it, but I've already got one bound.

I picked it up, and just for extend the moment, carried it to the Smuggler's room.  Offered it to him, but he was only willing to pay some 2,500 gold for it.  Not enough.  Nobody in here to share it with.  No other option.  So I finally alched it, just to be able to say I've hi-alched a Shadow Silk Hood.  What a shame.

This brings me to my one major disappointment with Dungeoneering.  Banking.  I know, they left it out deliberately.  Same way the binds are so limited.  It's a way to make you very carefully consider and manage your resources.  I get it.  But still... I wish we could bank and keep our stuff.

Not saying I want the bank to cross over into the rest of Runescape.  I'd just like to see the Smuggler willing to hold a few items for us.  Maybe to have 10 slots, and whatever we've got should stack, so if I collect, say for instance, multiple Shadow Silk Hoods, (yeah, right) than I could keep as many as I wanted to in the one Smuggler's bank slot.

Oh well.  Just my imagination.  We'll never see that happen.  But still... it would be pretty cool!

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