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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Runescape: Bringing Home the Bacon just didn't Sizzle for me

Finally did the "Bringing Home the Bacon" quest.  Monique and I treat quests like a date, and enjoy them together.  But this time around, we've both been under the weather and way behind.  So it took a while to get around to this quest.

'Bacon' wasn't a serious quest on any level.  It was short, very easy (novice level) and emphasized humor.  In a world where pigs are mostly useless, only Eli Bacon and Martin the Master Farmer still raise them.  With the discovery of bacon (the food) Eli fears the remaining hog population will be decimated.  It's our job to discover a use for pigs that will make them popular.  Eli hopes that, once Pigs are safe from extinction, he can introduce bacon to the world (and get rich).

There's a lot of comedy.  Some of it deliberately creepy.  Puts me in mind of "Motel Hell".  The old scary movie with the tagline "It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent's Fritters!"
Anyway, it's pretty mellow.  You have to distract a few villagers, do a favor for Martin the Farmer... somebody's been pickpocketing him...  Now I'll never feel right about picking his pockets again!  Raise a piglet, train it, and show it off around Runescape.

Out of it all, you get a piggy pet, and some new summoning creatures, and access to bacon.  You can eat the bacon, or cook it into higher-level better-healing food.

The rewards are scalable, but to be honest, even the best of the rewards just aren't that 'rewarding' if you're a high-level player.  It was an easy quest for beginners, with rewards going up to somewhere about mid-level for cooking and summoning.

If you like pets, the pig is a pretty fair reward.  Bringing Home the Bacon had some light-hearted moments, but overall just didn't catch my fancy or hold my interest.  What the heck... you can't win them all.  At least it was a short quest.

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