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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Runescape: It's Time for some Pyramid Plunder!

I've been bouncing around Runescape recently. Mostly trying to make a bit of gold. I like the Grotworms best at the moment; they're not the most profitable, but they're new and fun. Unfortunately, many many other people think the same thing. It's a bit crowded down there right now. Not in the mood for Frost Dragons, bored with Rum-Pumped Crabs...

 Flipping used to be a good way to make some fast cash, but I noticed recently that Jagex has reinstated the 4-hour delay. So now I can only flip the same category of items once within 4 hours. Guess I need to move up the chain to more expensive trades, but not sure about taking that risk just yet.

In addition, all my combat skills are maxed, so I'm kind of not accomplishing anything fighting. It's just fun.

With all that in mind, it seemed like a good time to re-evaluate my current goals. Maybe find a skill that makes money in the process of training. Mining could work. It's mildly profitable, and has been fairly high on my 'want a 99' list. I like to do Agility, too, but there's no money in that. Still, Agility is one of my favorite 'easy time-killers' when I'm on the phone with someone. Same thing for Dungeoneering. It's a lot of fun, but not immediately profitable. I should work on it for the rewards, but that's not top-listed yet.

It would be great to finally beat the Queen Black Dragon- but she's the reason my cash is low in the first place. Need to make more to continue trying. (I hope I'm better with the new combat system, because I'm pretty awful with this one!)

Farming is one of my ... sorry... is my most hated skill. It will probably be the last 99 I ever get. It was Monique's first 99, and she got a lot of respect for her untrimmed Farming Cape, back in the day. Now, of course, farming is far easier than when she 99'd. So maybe I wouldn't hate it so much now. But I doubt it.

Thieving occurs to me as an interesting, and potentially profitable, skill. Me and the Master Farmer go way back, and sometimes just for fun, I still visit him. You know the one... on the farm just north of Ardougne. He's a great one-click place to train thieving, and sometimes drops good seeds. Only, recently he's been kind of chintzy.

By this point, Thieving has my interest, but maybe not the Farmer any more. In looking around, I found the Pyramid Plunder minigame. Can't remember if I've ever tried it before. It seems kind of familiar, but that might have been from a quest. Looking it up on Wiki, it seems pretty easy. I'm trying to save up for a Chaotic Rapier, but instead took the plunge and used Dungeoneering points to buy the Anti-Poison Totem. If I'm going to spend a lot of time here, that just seems like a worthwhile expense. It pretty much makes me immune to poison, though it goes in the shield slot. Fair trade-off.

Following advice from Wiki, geared up with the Ardougne cape, a Wealth Ring, and weight-reducing armor. Bought a scepter for easy teleports, and a few jewelled gold statuettes to make recharging the scepter easier. Teleport twice with the Pharaoh's sceptre, on the third trip bring a jewelled gold statuette for a recharge.  Bring a Tokkul-Zo ring for bank access.  Enhanced Excalibur for healing, and a bit of food in case of emergency.

My Thieving is currently 84; not bad, not spectacular. It means I can access all the rooms in Pyramid Plunder except for the next-to-last one. Most guides I found recommend looting half the urns and the chest in your next-to-highest room, and all the urns plus the chest in your highest room. I'm still finding my comfort zone, but that's working out pretty well. Not sure how profitable it's going to be. For now, I'm just banking everything. But the experience rate has been nice. Faster than the Master Farmer, anyway.

So far, this is working out. Having fun, training a skill, and making a profit. It's been a pleasant change of pace!

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