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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Runescape: 2012 Cryptic Clue Fest, Queens Diamond Jubilee, and a really cool cutscene!

Look Ma... it's Me- way, way, way down at the end!
This year's (2012) Cryptic Clue Fest was very different from the usual.  Not because of the rewards.  As usual, they were cosmetic only.  Though I really liked the emotes they came with.  Tickled my funny bone.
Monique and I hamming it up
No, what made this so different was it was incorporated into the Varrock Diamond Jubilee Celebration.  Timed in honor of the real-world Diamond Celebration for Queen Elizabeth II, Jagex really went all-out for the event.  In addition to the Cryptic Clue Fest, Minnie Coop was handing out pet Corgi dogs to those who helped her find all the missing ones.

Finding the Corgis was kind of fun, and they make a cute pet to roam around with.  Certainly not going to replace Baby Jad any time soon, but I still like them.

The festive atmosphere in Varrock Square was nice, and very well done.  Though I noticed a bit of lag whenever I zoomed down for a ground-level view.  Lots of details and NPCs, plus all the usual players milling around.  There was a lot to explore.

To be honest though, it wasn't the Cryptic Clue Fest that caught my interest.  Nor the Corgi dogs, as cute as they were.  Nor the decorations, though that's leading into it.  What totally blew me away was the cutscene.  After completing the required steps, we were treated to a really cool Runescape video.  The procession, all the royal pomp and circumstance.

...  and ME...  standing at attention in the welcoming line-up of Runescape's 7 Signature Heroes.  Did you see it?  See yourself, as one of the 7?  Way down at the far end, but there it is.

If you haven't run into the label yet, Runescape's Seven Signature Heroes are the NPC's that you interactively share certain quests with (plus yourself as the seventh).  Most recently, the "Song from the Depths" quest, where we (sort of) worked with Raptor.  You'll see him at the extreme left of the lineup.

There's the 6 NPC heroes standing on the left, and on the right, an impressive looking Dwarf (Who IS he?  I can't place him off the top of my head... is he Veldakan?)  and then ME!!

Or... YOU!  So there I/You are, standing in a line of heroes, at the foot of the castle stairs.  Position of honor.  It's not a clear and focused view, because honestly, it's not about us, it's about the queen!   :^)

And lucky me, I just happened to be all spiffed up in my formal Armadyl gear (I was getting ready to let the Queen Black Dragon kill me again).  So for all posterity, there I am, looking just as cool as all the other heroes in line.

 For my own personal benefit, I recorded the video, uploaded it to Youtube, and present it here as well.  If you haven't checked it out yet, I wouldn't wait too long.  No telling how much longer Runescape will continue to offer the video.  By the way, if you've already watched the cutscene, but missed yourself being in it, you can replay it if you go back to Big Ben and talk with him a bit.

Just silly fun, I know.  But that was a truly cool touch, Jagex.  I tip my helm to you.  Great job!!
Even the dragons liked it!

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