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Monday, May 7, 2012

Runescape: Still doing the Runespan Dance

Last week we saw the release of The Runespan.  I think it's safe to say, it was (nearly) universally loved by all.  'Nearly', because I've sure seen the forum rants from the 99'ers.  You know... "I wrote my thesis with hammer and chisel, and by God, if I had to do it the hard way, so should everbody else!"

(Grin)  Okay, I'm exaggerating a little.  Maybe not much.

Anyway, my Runecrafting has been stalled at 92 for years.  Not exaggerating.  Every time I think I'm going to raise it up, it was just too boring to maintain.  It's funny, because I'm fine running circles on the agility course for hours.  I guess we all have different tolerances to different things. So when the Runespan came out, I was completely entranced.  Runecrafting?  This is... fun!  Easy, few clicks (yes, I'm playing it as I type this), colorful, and lots of different places to go.  Always looking for better nodes, good creatures, yellow wizards.  

I've left once, since it came out.  That was to do Penguins and Trolls last week.  Tonight is Penguin night, so I guess I'll take another break.  Good enough timing.  Last week upon re-entering Runespan, I was able to buy the Wicked clothes.  This week, I'll be able to buy the best staff.  Not much progress on Esteem yet, but one thing at a time.

The experience has been pretty good.  So far I've gotten 3 1/2 million exp from the Runespan.  This raised my levels from 92 to 96.  With some luck, maybe even 97 tonight.  I already wrote about my initial impressions when the Runespan was first released.  This is just a quick update, sharing some of the things I've learned since then.

To start with, you get more exp from nodes, and more points from creatures.  The best creatures are Soul Esswraiths.  When I first come in to the Span, I'll spend a bit of time gathering all the different runes up to Laws.  Then I run up the bone ladder to the highest level of Runespan.  I'll work on Deaths, Bloods, and Souls.  I like to keep at least one hundred in stock, so I'm always ready to help a Yellow Wizard.  Currently, I'm getting over 7k per Yellow Wizard, and they pop up pretty often. 

Once there's enough runes in the backpack, I go to the little island just south of the tower.  It has 2 Soul Esswraiths.  There's a small island directly to the right, and between these two islands there's usually a fair amount of high-level energy nodes.  I'm camping right there.  When a Wizard pops up, I'll usually go after him. 

There's a secret weapon.  Friend Chats for the Runespan.  My favorite is Nodehunters, on world 103.  They have an easy-to-comprehend way of calling locations, and are quick to call info out.  They often call out wizard locations, making it efficient to find every Yellow Wizard I can.  Their Quick Find code on the Runescape Forum is  Quick find code: 289-290-236-63710255

I don't know how long that link will stay good, but for now it works.  

 Anyway, that's all I've got for now.  Still Runecrafting.  Going for 99.  Just wanted to post a quick update.

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