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Monday, May 14, 2012

Runescape: Jack of Trades and Daily Money Run

Getting Jack of Trades exp from Xuan
Been 92 Runecrafting for years.  Just kind of stalled out.  Seriously boring training.  When the Runespan came along, it was time to get back to it.  Yes, I know the Runespan is very AFK-able.  But, it's actually lots of fun.  Chasing the wizards, hunting nodes, running around.  The landscape is beautiful.  Love the graphics.  The animations in going from one island to another were awesome. 

Then they came out with Bonfires.  After finishing 99 Runecrafting, Bonfires looked like a very attractive way to level up Firemaking.  Still working on that. 

In the Runespan, leaving then coming back is a pain.  It was much easier just to stay in as much as possible.  Bonfires are different.  You can go do a few things, and come right back where you were.  Easy to start/stop.  That being the case, it's time to start up the old daily run-about again.

There are quite a few prerequisites for this run.  Over the years, I've forgotten exactly which quests are necessary for each one.  If you can't figure it out, let me know which one you're stuck on and I'll try to help you figure out what you need. (Just leave a comment.)

To begin with, I've got the Jack of Trades Aura.  Learned how cool it was from a Runescape Forum post titled "Jack of Trades - Worth it?" (quick find code 98-99-731-63719384, or just click the link.)  Currently my Jack of Trades exp goes to Dungeoneering.  Since that's level 90 at the moment, I get about 8k exp from it, for about 2 minutes work.

Next up, grab a pick-axe, Home teleport to Port Sarim, and charter a boat to Oo'glog to do the Red Sandstone.  I always convert the Sandstone to Robust Glass, but usually will not craft flasks until I've got a bunch.  With any luck, Jagex will offer an Extra Exp Weekend, and I'll have a bunch saved up.  If you want to sell them though, craft the flasks.  It's well worth it!

  At the Oo'glog bank, be sure to grab a Varrock Teleport (or use Home, or whatever teleport you like.)  Use the Wicked Hood, teleport to the Blood Altar, make Blood Runes.  This works really well if you have the entire Wicked outfit.  Don't have to wear the whole gear, just owning it is enough to boost the Hood's benefits.  Make as many Bloods as possible. (175 with a maxed Wicked Hood, more if you're wearing the proper Morytania legs.  Even more if you load up your Runecrafting pouches.)  Again, if your Hood is maxed, you can also make 500 elemental runes.  Every day.  With 3 teleports, you can reload and go back 2 more times, but I don't usually bother beyond the free essence from the Hood.

Then a Home Teleport to Yanille, grab 120 buckets of sand from Bert.    Jump over to Ardougne, and get 150 free pure essence from Wizard Cromperty. 

At Catherby, a triple play... 80 Seaweed and 40 Pineapple from Arhein.  (Pineapples aren't worth much, but I use them for farming payments.)  Then 200 Flax from Geoff...I mean Flax.  

Jump to Lunar Island, go to Baba Yaga, and buy 20 Battlestaves and 300 Death Runes.  Then to Varrock for  Naff's Battlestaves. With the Varrock Armour 4, you'll get 80 from Naff.  After that, keep what you want, sell the rest in the GE.  If you sell everything you just grabbed, it's worth slightly over 500k gold at the moment.  That, or course, changes regularly.

There are lots more profitable items you can grab daily, and plenty of very complete lists online, especially in the Runescape Forums.  But for time/value, these are the most worthwhile ones to me.  I want something that's quick, easy, and profitable.  Take a few minutes from skilling, turn a few gold pieces, and get back to work.

To simplify:
 (numbers in parentheses are the profit I made today while writing this blog.)
Red Sandstone to flasks (250k)
Blood Runes from Wicked Hood (67k)
Yanille Sand (38k)
Ardougne Pure Essence (17k)
Seaweed (34k)
Pineapple (1.5k... this is why I just keep them and use for farming)
Flax (13k)
Battlestaves (total profit: 70k... I listed them for 7700 instead of the GE rate)
Deaths (20k)

That's 510k... half a million gold, for a few minutes of running around.  Sure, there's better ways to make money.  I like doing Frost Dragons, for instance.  The nice thing here is that it doesn't take me away from skilling for very long.

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