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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Runescape: 7 Night Spiders, 1 Shadow Silk Hood- great drop rate!

It's been about a week now since I finally got the Shadow Silk Hood, from my 7th Night Spider Kill.  At an average of 1 Night Spider every other day, you don't see very many of them.  Part of that was probably because I was soloing.  But still, I was deliberately spider hunting for speed, and no exp.  Floor 35, over and over.  
Since then, Monique and I have been playing mainly for fun, and we've seen 2 more Night Spiders, but no more Shadow Silk Hoods.  That's fine, though, because Monique doesn't want one.  She's firmly told me she'll be sticking with her Promethium 2-Hander and Chestplate.  

We've been going at the dungeon pretty intensely.  For me, it's purely fun, and I'm always ready to head underground.  For her, she has her eye on two of the rewards.  One she's already got, the Bonecrusher.  She's been training Prayer forever, and the cost is prohibitive.  So Monique sees the value in an item that buries any and all bones for you as you're fighting.  Of course, she still collects the best ones and uses at her player-owned-house altar.  But this is very useful to her in general combat.  

The other reward is the Scroll of life, which is very useful for farming.  She's actually been 99 Farming for years, but she still enjoys it.  With the cost of seeds, the Scroll of Life has a lot of appeal for her.

On my part, I simply enjoy Dungeoneering.  Sometimes I rush, sometimes just wander around having fun.  I can do a solo or duo C6 Medium Dungeon, in about 30 minutes, and get an average of 15k to 25k, depending on the floor.  I know, it's not fast, and it's not much.  But I have fun with it.  Got level 81 Dungeoneering last night.  It's going a get a lot slower from here on out.  Do I care?  Nope.

My goals are simpler than Moniques.  I'm not trying to reach one specific reward.  I want them all.  I want 120 Dungeoneering.  So all my tokens are first going to things that help me in the dungeon.  My ring is level 9 Berserker, level 5 Blazer, and I think I'm level 4 Gatherer.  My next goal is to get level 10 Berserker on the ring.  That's going to take a while, so I'm not worried about the next goal after that.

It's all been so much fun, my days of basking in Runescape's sun are nearly gone.  I sometimes head over to the Fishing Guild for a few shark.  Yes, slow exp, but I really like the barbarian fishing technique, and the graphic animation of catching sharks bare-handed.  Then there's the occasional trip to the new Jadinko Lair.  Having not yet gotten my whip vine, I still head down there now and then to try for it.  I still do Penguins once a week, and am looking forward to the Troll Invasion at the start of the month.

It's all good, or nearly all.  I've just been in the mood for the Dungeon.  That's the great thing about Runescape- there's so much to do, it never stops being fun!

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