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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Runescape Night Spider: Finally the Shadow Silk Hood!


In reference to my post of nearly 2 weeks ago, I've been dungeoneering consistently since then.  Some of the time has been dedicated to Night Spider hunting.  Some time spent Duoing with Monique to have fun, raise our levels, earn tokens...

In all that time, I've seen a total of 7 Night Spiders.  At first there would be maybe one or two a day, or every other day.  Then a long dry spell.  My last one was a few days ago, and Monique actually found and killed it.  Up until tonight, no Shadow Silk Hood.  No wonder.  At this rate, it seems the Night Spiders are more rare than the Shadow Silk Hoods!

Tonight that changed.  We had just finished duoing a couple of floors, then rushed  a few to get our floors evened out for prestige.  Monique took a break.  As she was walking out of the room, she saw me going back to the dungeon.  She asked if I was "Doing the floors she can't get to yet?"  I said "No, just Night Spider hunting."

Same dungeon.  Minutes later.  Went through a door and saw a Night Spider!  I quickly backed out in order to take a few screenshots of it.  Then the fight was on.  Easy kill, it's not like they're a boss or anything.  Just a little poison, which was easy to fix.  And when the dust settled... there, on the ground... on top of a huge pile of stuff... was the Hood I've been trying to get for the last two weeks!

By the way, that's a HUGE pile of junk.
Where do spiders carry all that?

So, 2 weeks, 7 Night Spiders later, I got my Hood.  When you think about it, 2 weeks isn't horrible.  I've gone longer than that trying to get an Abyssal Whip.  But only 7 Night Spiders?  On the one hand, that's phenomenal, to get a Shadow Silk Hood in 7 spiders.  On the other hand, 7 spiders in 2 weeks?  Holy cow.  That would take forever if my luck had been worse.

Shadow Silk Hood sitting on top of the pile behind me!

However you look at it, the search is over.  Now I get to play with it!
(Yes, that's Gorgonite and Katagon armor I'm wearing... I couldn't find any Promethium on that level, and I was too excited to keep looking - I wanted to get this blog posted!!

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