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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dungeoneering Blunders- Learning to Duo Rush

I'm still dungeoneering.  Since I do obsessive so well, I'm pretty much exclusively dungeoneering right now.  (With one exception I'll get to in the next blog...)  Last night, I talked Monique into joining me for a prestige rush.  We blitzed through really fast, and I thought we were having fun, but after calling it a night, she confessed it wasn't as much fun when I kept grabbing all the keys.  I didn't mean to grab them all, I just thought we were trying to go as fast as possible, splitting up to gain speed.

To back up some, when we first tried Duoing dungeons, it was all new and I had to stop and research everything.  I'm obsessive that way.  And she got stuck waiting on me all the time.  It bored her, so she didn't care much for it.  Since then, I've been in the dungeons a lot, and her not at all.  So now that I'm much more experienced, we're trying a duo prestige run, only this time I'm the one going too fast.  I had a great time, and would like her to enjoy it also.  So we'll continue to modify our approach.  Right now, we're pretty much taking a standard rush approach, but with no assigned tasks.  When we try next time, we'll have her be the assigned keyer, and see how that goes.  

Part of her frustration is because I'm a more combat-focused character, and she's more of a skiller.  (Not so much that I'm good at it, just that my character's combat stats are maxed.)  So my character can blitz through and take more damage, while Monique has to be cautious.  Another part comes from our armor and weapons differences.  Since her last time there, I've raised my mining and smithing to the level where I can make anything Promethium that we'd like.  

Bearing that in mind, our first run we went to her deepest dungeon level, trying to find some Promethium to make her gear.  We did 2 mediums, which I usually find plenty of Promethium in.  For some reason, this time all I could find was Gorgonite, so for the moment, that's what I made her.

To make matters worse, while we were there, I got a Celestial Surgebox, and had to... yes... research it.  Had to make sure exactly how to set it up for the best spell, get it charged to it's fullest extent (after "Salt in the Wound", ammo charges are 225)  and do everything right before binding it.  Didn't want to bind it uncharged, only to have to re-charge it fresh every single floor!

This would have been fine, had I been on my own.  But with Monique there, and us trying to get her Promethium equipment, I worried she'd be bored.  Lucky for me, that wasn't an issue.  She was happy continuing to explore the dungeon, clear the rooms, and hunt for Promethium.  Which we still never found.

Finally, we both finished what we were doing, and did the boss room.  Don't remember what the boss was, but he dropped a Primal Warhammer into Monique's inventory!  Not knowing each and every weapon, I assumed Primal was always better than Promethium, and told her to bind it.  So she destroyed her Gorgonite 2-Hander, and bound the Primal Warhammer.  
...  and THEN, discovered she has to be 99 Strength to wield it!!  I could have used it, but she'd already bound it.  So her only option was to train Strength to 99, or destroy the Primal Warhammer.  In a way, it was actually a relief to discover the Promethium 2-Hander is considered better than the Primal Warhammer.  At least she could destroy it without regret.  

By this time, she was out of patience for hunting Promethium.  So we started our prestige run in floor 1, and Monique just bound one of the Katagon weapons that were laying on the tables.  Averaged about 3 minutes per floor, did about 15 floors, and called it a night.  We'll go back for her weapon and chestplate another day.

I think once we get on the same page at the same time, we'll enjoy duoing together.  I'm certainly looking forward to it!

As a final note, I went on the Runescape forum and asked for advice on what to bind with the Celestial Surgebox.  I got some great answers, and some very in-depth analyses.  Maybe too much info for a single blog, but I'm not sure if there's enough info to write an actual guide.  But one way or the other, I'll get the info up soon.

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