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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Runescape Wilderness - The New Dangers of Trusting Family in the Wildy

It's been a while, but I'm still here.  Runescape has had an interesting month so far, with the return of the wilderness, plus the recent skiller update.  As much as I dislike pking, I'm happy for all those who enjoy it.  Especially since, as it turns out, pkers haven't actually caused a traumatic change in my game, as I had thought it would.  Not that there's not risk, and some things may no longer be worth the risk now.  But mainly, with a little planning, I've been able to follow my usual pursuits in the wilderness with minimal risk.  So far, no one has tried to take off my head.  Though Monique accidentally walloped me with her dagger while we were penguin-hunting.  It was our first trip into the 'new' wildy, and she intended to click "follow".  Instead, she attacked me.  I told her she lured me out there just to kill me for my 'stoof'.

In return, the following week while we were penguining in the wildy, I accidentally hit her... two times... with a poisoned dragon dagger!  I'm glad the poison didn't take - I'd never have heard the end of it.  Aside from our minor hiccups getting used to it, things haven't been too bad.  We've done penguins three times since the wildy became dangerous again, and never been attacked.  That's not to say we won't ever be.  I'm not going to take it for granted.  But I'm relieved at how it's gone so far.

Aside from the group penguin-hunting in world 60, I usually make an effort to find a relatively empty wilderness. I gear down as much as possible, don't take anything super-expensive.  For penguin-hunting, next time I'm going to Ooglog first, and taking a saltwater plunge.  Maybe if my run energy is endless (for a limited time) it'll make things easier.

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