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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Return of the Wilderness: Beacon fires complete

Today, February 1st, 2011, marks the return of the Wilderness.  Whether you love it or hate it, the game's going to take a lot of getting used to.  In preparation, Monique and I decided we needed to complete the beacon network before it was crawling with... impediments.  It's an elite task required for the Varrock elite armor.  Both of us had a lot of work to get our firemaking levels up.  Monique got hers a day or so before I got mine.

After hitting the required level 92 firemaking, it was time to make the run.  We chose to use magic logs.  I had a few hundred extra after my firemaking training, and they burn 18 minutes before going out.  Lots of time to make our run. 

Our first steps involved loading the beacons with logs.  Starting from Canifis, we worked our way west, and then southward.  It really wasn't necessary, but I wanted the added security of having the beacon tenders help by tossing 5 extra logs on the fire.  Some were willing to help right off the bat, some needed a little gift to smooth the way.  We prepped them before even loading the beacons with logs. 

After loading all the beacons with logs, it was time to make the run in earnest.  First a trip to Ooglog for the saltwater pool.  That gives infinite run energy for something like 20 minutes.  Very handy!

Then we began setting a blazing trail.  Lighting every beacon in sequence, giving our 5 extra logs to the beacon tenders who'll take them.  A lot of running, combined with an occasional teleport.  The Combat bracelet came in handy for it's teleports.  First to the monastery, and later to the Warrior's Guild.  I was on Lunar magic, so was able to teleport us to the Ice Plateau for the last two.

Before we knew it, the final one was done, and King Roald was thanking the both of us for our help.  Why, without our hard work and dedication, the kingdoms of Misthalin and Asgarnia could be at risk.  Now everybody is safe from Morytania and the depths of the Wilderness.

As you can see, his thanks were very generous.  Monique and I are now the proud owners of the coveted Inferno Adze, a single tool that acts as a dragon hatchet, and a rune pickaxe.  From a distance, it doesn't seem like much.  But when you get a good view, it's actually a cool design.

At this point, Monique went on her way to continue training.  For me, though, this was the grand finale for Varrock Elite Achievements.  My last task, and then it's off to see Vannaka, the Edgeville slayer master.  He upgraded my Varrock armor from the goofy white shoulder-padded get-up, to a cool, dangerous-looking chestplate.  Seriously, at least it looks good, right?

Goofy White Armor
Cool Elite Varrock Armor
 It's protective stats are the same as a steel platebody.  Not what I'd wear to heavy combat.  But the abilities it grants are heavy-duty!  It has a whole laundry list of improved features, but my favorite has got to be access to 80 Battle Staves every day from Zaff's apprentice, Naff.  If I stay on Lunar spellbook, I can teleport to Lunar Island and buy 20 more per day from Baba Yaga.  With little extra effort, I can sell them for a profit of 130,000 gold (at this moment- prices are sure to be changing now that Wildy is back.)

It was a lot of work, but I'm super glad we finished before the Wildy returned!


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