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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Runescape: Full Superior Tetsu finally!

Finally got a full set of Superior Tetsu Armor!  Accidentally made my first piece 'tradeable', been saving up the plate metal ever since.  Finally got enough this morning to make the helmet.  Not doing so well on the others.  Superior Seasinger  needs a helm to complete the set.  Still saving up to make the Superior Death Lotus Chestplate.  Since it takes the most Lacquer (100 pieces), I want to do it first, then the legs, then the helm.  From hardest to easiest.  Finally starting to collect Scrimshaw Scrolls now.

Castle Wars got it's update this week.  I can't say I'm thrilled, it's not one of my favorite minigames.  But from what I've seen, it's pretty impressive looking.  There are rumblings in the forums, though.  Lots of complaints that some clans are sending saboteurs into the opposing side, so as to guarantee a win.  Sounds like pretty poor sportsmanship, hopefully Jagex will find a way to prevent deliberate sabotage.
Of more import for me is the behind the scenes video (#48) giving more detail on Runescape 3 with the new HTML5 engine.  Very excited to see it coming.  Makes me glad Monique and I went for the Premium Gold membership.  :^)

Aside from that, my daily Runescape play is pretty routine right now.  After getting the Max cape (my last big goal), it's been pretty peaceful.  Working on Player Owned Ports, and trying to get 120 Dungeoneering. (105 currently, got a LOOONG way to go!)

The daily routine is pretty much in a holding pattern.  Check POP before going to work, collect Morchella mushrooms and cactus spines.  After work, do the same.  Later in the evening (the daily update happens around 8:00 pm our time) it gets more fun.  Check the POP updates, look for missions that offer trade goods or scrolls.  Do a Sinkhole, run some Dungeons in Daemonheim, collect Red Sandstone, use the Wicked Hood to make Blood Runes, get the daily battle staves.  Kill a few minutes until the next Sinkhole.  After that, I'm either done for the night, or I might check out the Grottworm lair, or kill some dragons.  Nothing that takes too much time.  Just quick and easy stuff for a bit of light fun.

Sometimes Monique and I will kill the hourly demons together, and we run penguins once a week.  Visit Juna.  All that kind of stuff.

There are still plenty of things to do, but that's my 'holding pattern'.  Daily things to do that don't require a lot of time.  What's your holding pattern?  What kind of things do you like to do when you're not seriously working toward a goal?

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