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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Runescape: Dungeoneering Off-Hand Updates, Sinkholes, and Toggleable Deposit All

Just like the real world, Runescape is always changing.  Change isn't always popular, but it's a necessity.  In the case of Jagex, they're always working to bring new and fresh content, and tweaking old content.

One recent change was minor, but I welcomed it.  The "Deposit All" option being at the top of the item deposit menu.  It made sense.  Took a small amount of getting used to, but it was so convenient for dumping stackable drops picked up from pvm combat.

So I'm a little sad to read today's updates, and see they've reverted to the old menu order.  Darn.  Apparently most people hated it, and were pretty vocal.  I'm going to miss it, but I'm not going to pick up my toys and go home...  :^)

There was a small sliver of hope- the update notes said they're looking into making the option toggleable.  (Is that even a real word?)  It probably won't happen any time soon, but at least there's some chance of it coming back.

The big news today of course is the Dungeoneering updates.  We'll finally have dual wielding down in Daemonheim.  I'm writing this in anticipation, so I can see later how my expectations matched up (or didn't) with the actual update.  I'm excited to see what all has changed, but it's probably going to take a while to see the entirety of the changes.

I'm particularly hoping that cross-discipline styles will work.  Sounds pretty cool to have a sword and spell mixture.  I enjoy dungeoneering already, this should really spice it up some.

(EDIT:  I wrote that yesterday, and have played with it a bit since then.  
First Impression:  A fun option to have, but isn't really going to change my play style.  Some folks on the forum pointed out the practical side; a 2-handed weapon deals as much damage as a main-hand/off-hand combination, but only uses one bind.  It's like giving up one of your binds.
So I won't be switching up my fighting style on a permanent basis.  Not just yet, at least.  I still like having the extra options, though.  )

The charming imp doesn't really catch my fancy.  It might have been nice if they'd offered it when I was trying to level up Summoning.  Maybe Monique will give him a try.  For me, that 100,000 Dungeoneering token cost would be better spent elsewhere.

Are you enjoying the Dungeoneering Sinkholes?  When it first came out, I really didn't see the appeal.  But now that I've tried it a bit, it's a lot of fun.  And that's surprising, considering I don't normally enjoy team (or multi-player) minigames.  The nice thing is that, no matter what you get, how well or poorly you do, even the worst prizes are well worth the few minutes it takes to play.

Admitted, the Token prize is a little underwhelming.  But it's not horrible.  At 104 Dungeoneering, the small lamp gives more than 40k experience.  That's completely fine with me.  To be honest, if I get a Consistent Yak card, I always use it.  My ranking in a game is usually between # 3 and # 5.  The odds of someone taking away a better lamp is pretty high.  Getting a medium lamp for sure seems a lot better than the risk of losing a better lamp for a lesser prize.
Monique has actually learned what all the cards do, and plays strategically.  Based on rank and prize, and available cards, she can make some very clever predictions of which cards will give the best end results.  I'm not that sharp.  My main strategy is to try and get a Yak.

Whatever works, right?

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