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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Runescape: Husband and Wife Flying Away on 2 Pegasoi

With all of the updates and specials going on in Runescape, it's getting hard to keep up with it all.  Today Clan Avatars came out.  Since I'm not in a clan, there's not much I can say about the Avatars.  They sound pretty nifty; if anything could convince me to join a clan, a good skilling avatar would certainly be the thing to do it.  Joining is actually tempting now, even though I'm a confirmed solo player.

There were some lesser releases as well, and those are what's catching my attention.  Today the Tropical Island Outfit saw the Grass Skirt release.  (3rd part of the set.)  It's free during the introductory period, so Monique and I have picked up the first three pieces.  Guess there's still one piece to go.  These costumes are a fun diversion from the usual run of armor and weapons. You can grab them from Solomon's General Store.

When Jagex put the Swashbuckler outfit on sale, I used my one-time free 200 points to buy the set.  Afterward, I realized that really blew my chance to pick up a cheap Pegasus.  We like all three of the Home Teleport emotes (Pegasus, Demon, and Gnome Copter), but Pegasus is our favorite.  If I had saved my points, when Pegasus went on sale, I could have bought him cheap.  Buying the Swashbuckler outfit shot that down.  At normal prices Pegasus would require the $20 worth of Runecoins to buy (with a large number of excess Runecoins left over).  I'm sure that's deliberate.  Requiring players to buy coins at 'off' amounts means you'll always have leftover coins to spend.  Odd are, they won't be enough for anything cool, so you'll spend more money on more Runecoins to get something else.
It's like when you buy a pack of hot dogs with 8 hot dogs, and a pack of hot dog buns with 10 buns.  You're not going to come out even unless you buy multiples of both.

Today, part of the update included 25% off the Pegasus cost.  Monique took a look, and figured out the actual costs.  Because she had not spent her 200 Runecoins, she only needed to spend $5.00 for a Pegasus.  In my case, it took $10.00 to buy one.  Between the two of us, that equaled a $15.00 savings over the usual cost.
So Monique decided to get us both a Pegasus.  She was going to surprise me in-game by asking me to teleport to Lunar Island.  To decoy me away long enough, she sent me to the kitchen to cook lunch.  Unfortunately, I got back too soon, and caught her in the act.  Kind of spoiled her plans, but not her surprise.  It was a very pleasant surprise to see that I now had a Pegasus.

We're very happy with the animation.  For a while we played with synchronized take-offs.  It looked so awesome, I had to upload a video to youtube.  What's better than flying into the sunset on your own Pegasus?   Flying into the sunset on your own Pegasus, with the love of your life beside you on her own Pegasus! 


h said...

Ok, that team pegasi take-off is pretty neat. Leaving me still tempted to buy a gnomocopter... And I still have my original 200 coins.

But, to speak to the other topic. I am also a solo player and I don't find that being in a clan causes any issues with that. Well, depending on what sort of clan. But a casual social clan will get you: Citadel skilling (if you are so inclined), the 3% or 6% exp boost from the Avatar, the clan velexium(SP?) teleport (convenient for getting to the Crafting Guild) and a group of folks to chat with when you feel like it. All at no cost, effort or requirement to socialize.

Anyway, I'm just, you know, saying.

Crewman6 said...

I like the gnomecopters too- if money wasn't an issue, I'd just buy them all and flip back and forth as the mood suited!

On the clans, I've never seriously considered finding one to join until recently. I've a very solitary player. But the advantages of citadels and avatars is beginning to change my mind.

Out of curiosity, are the citadels and avatars specific to a clan 'home world'? Or are they there on every world?

Thanks for the comment, it's definitely food for thought.

h said...

Hey crewman,

The citadels are instanced world's, like POH's. You get to them through the portal at the clan camp. So you can get to your clan citadel through any world by going to the camp.

The avatar lives at the citadel until someone who has been given the ability to summon it (I like to call them wardens) summons it and it then follows them and the bonus goes to other clannies who are in the citadel or, if the warden takes the avatar planetside, the bonus goes to clannies on that same world. We tend to use two different worlds, so if you bring ava down, you would either ask in the chat if there is a preferred world, or just announce where you are taking her.

Seemingly, if you get a high enough level citadel, you can get a better avatar spot and, I think, end up with as many as three avatar's at a time. Though we just have the one.

General Ham said...

Oh, and secondly, I bought the gnomocopter today! And got lol'd right off by some passerby1

Crewman6 said...

Thanks for clearing that up; it makes a lot more sense to me now!

And congratulations on the gnomecopter. I always figure if I can make somebody laugh or smile, at least I've improved their day. :^)

Anonymous said...

I'd definitely recommend joining a clan these days with all the boosts it provides, and honestly, the clan you are in is sometimes the only place you can find a good community of people I feel like.

Plus, even though you're not into strategic combat that much it seems, you could also take part in RSB warring which provides me with the most fun in RS at the moment!

Crewman6 said...

You're completely correct- I like PVM fighting if it's simple enough (still can't beat the QBD or the Fight Kiln, but I've beaten Jad). But not PVP. Don't really like any group combat games.
I'm very fascinated with the skilling possibilities, though. I'm currently working on 99 Thieving, but after that, might try to find a clan I can work on Mining with.

Thanks for all the help!