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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Runescape: Big Chinchompa Hunter Distraction and Diversion

This week Runescape released the Hunter Distraction and Diversion, Big Chinchompas.  Nyriki, a gnome hunter, has trapped a Plutonial Chinchompa, and needs it to sleep so he can process the chemicals it produces.  He pops up from underground once an hour, looking for helpers.  You can try to find him if you want, or visit his wife Meilicki.  She's in a tree stand south of the gnome stronghold agility maze.  Several portals are there as well, the main one can teleport you to Nyriki's current location.  He shows up once an hour, so if he's not there yet, you'll get a notice of how long before he shows up. 

When it's ready, use the portal to join him.  He'll ask your help putting his Plutonial Chinchompa to sleep.  If you accept, he'll give you a jar, and you can collect Soporith Moths, which is the Chinchompa's favorite food.  The moths are in the shaking limbs, or flying free.  You can go after them either way.  In the corners of the cavern are Protea flowers.  Pluck and wield one, it will attract Soporith moths to you.  The jar can hold up to 15 moths, and they are sorted by their Hunter level. 
I was unable to catch the two highest level moths, but still made roughly 20,000 Hunter experience in the cavern. 
 This is a very easy game, no risk, just run around the cavern like a maniac, catching all the moths you can.  Every few laps, empty your jar in the circle occupied by the Big Chincompa.  The game will last until the Big Chinchompa falls asleep.  Keep an eye on the bar at the left of the screen, it will tell you how sleepy it's getting.  When he falls asleep, the games ends and you receive your score.
Sleeping like a baby
This is simple, and fun, to a point.  But what makes it worthwhile, are the rewards.  When the game is over, you receive competence points according to your success.  I didn't do horribly, but not great either.  Got about 574 points.  Competence points are used to buy rewards.  Some of the rewards are kind of bland, but the tickets are great.  You can buy tickets to hunt specific hunter creatures in a private preserve.  I've read others can be there too, but when I went, I was the only one.  I bought about 74 Carnivorous Chinchompa tickets, and got to hunt Chinchompas in my own private space until I'd caught 74 of them.  (You get one catch per ticket.) 
Oops... didn't mean to HIT him!
 Monique did better than I did- she got over 600 Competence points, and used them to buy Pawya tickets.  She made a ton of experience from it. 
It's a bit time-consuming, but that's what a Distraction and Diversion is supposed to do.  I may not do this on a daily basis, but when the time comes to level up Hunter, I think this will be a great way to boost experience, and give a little variety to my hunting.  Best of all, it offers acccess to a much less crowded hunting preserve.  I like this update!

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