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Friday, November 25, 2011

Runescape: 99 Fishing? Check!

Well, that turned out to be easy.  Finally got my 99 Fishing.  Started with 157k left to go in the afternoon.  I've been fishing Rocktail, it's decent experience and a good profit.  Getting from 97 to 99 has actually built my bankroll back up enough to start flipping small items again.  After buying Bandos armor, and getting Herblore high enough to make Overloads, I needed to work on a money MAKING skill for a change.

When I first logged in, Monique and I took a few minutes to do the Thanksgiving 2011 bonus content.  It was nice-ish, though one of the simplest holiday bonuses I can remember.  Talk to the turkey, talk to the king.  Run 3 very simple and close-by errands, all done.  Okay, getting a new pet, the Turkey, was kind of sort of neat.  Well done graphics, and a nice final cutscene.  Still, nothing at all as complex as the Halloween content.

I can't say I disliked it, but I wasn't really impressed, either.  I'm glad I did it, because I like to complete all quests and events as they come out.  But I dismissed my pet turkey.  I'll let Diango store him for me.  I need my bank space.  To be fair, this is probably very cool content if you're fairly new at Runescape.  But for experienced players, it's nothing more than another box to check off in the list of things to do.

So back to the fishing.  It's been a long time since I've looked at all the skillcape emotes.  I nearly didn't get a fishing skillcape, because it's such an easy skill to 99 in.  Just a matter of taking your time and not being  in a hurry.  It's a great skill to work on while watching a movie, reading a book, or eating lunch...

Anyway, I don't remember the Fishing Skillcape Emote being this nice.  Now I'm glad I bought the cape.  :^)

So, as usual, after finishing a goal, the big question is... what next?

I haven't decided yet.  I'll probably goof around for a while before setting a new 'big' goal.  I've been chopping ivy behind Castle Varrock, while flipping at the Grand Exchange.  For me, flipping is a lot slower now than it used to be.  But it still works.  And it's a great thing to train hand in hand with slower skills.  Woodcutting, mining, I've got a long way to go on both of those, they should see me through while I build my bank back up.

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