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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lighting the Beacons and an Elder Tree on the Side

It's been a while since I mentioned it, but Monique and I are working on our   elite achievement skills.  Both of us have Varrock nailed with the exception of level 92 firemaking for the 'Lighting the Beacons' mini-game.  While we've been working toward it here and there, things could be going much faster.  You know how it is, never enough time for everything.
Still, I was looking at the beacon system, and thinking... dang, this is complex!  Well, okay, maybe not complex, maybe just long and tedious.  Then I realized, even though we're not level 92 yet, both of us have high enough firemaking to get the first two rewards, the Ring of Fire and Flame Gloves.  You need level 62 for the ring, and 79 for the gloves, and must keep 6 beacons lit for the ring, 10 for the gloves.

If you're wearing both of those rewards, you get an extra 5% experience while burning logs.  Since I need to burn about 9,000 magic logs to get to 92, that seems worth getting.  Monique's at the same level, so both of us are going to do the first 10 fires of the beacon system this weekend.  That should give us a nice speed boost on our way to 92 Firemaking.

Then we can go back and do the entire beacon system in one go, get the best Varrock achievement armor, and be one step closer to having all of the achievement rewards!  For those of you who remember I was going after Jad?  Been there twice- he killed me fast.  Haven't gone back in a while.  I will, just too many goals and not enough me.

On the side, we still like fighting evil trees.  Yesterday we got an evil Magic tree and an evil Elder tree in a single day.  We also enjoy hunting penguins every week.  Monique and I have already found all the penguins, and were fighting the evil elder tree... when a penguin disguised as a barrel went bobbing along in front of us!  Couldn't resist taking a snap of it, and sharing the moment (below) with you!

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