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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Runescape: A Change of Pace Keeps Dungeoneering Fresh

I really like that Jagex has been so consistent with the updates.  I may not like ALL of the updates, but with so much going on, Geilinor keeps expanding and our choices of how to play continue to grow.

The Order of Ascension really appeals to me.  I intend to go back and enjoy it in the future.  For right now, there are too many other things to do.  Still enjoying Player Owned Ports.  Finally got all the armour, but Jagex announced they're working on an update to POP.  Going to continue collecting as many resources as possible in anticipation.

Still waiting on the two promised new skills.  Originally it was supposed to be early this year.  Here  it's June already and no new skills.  At least they announced the name of one, Divination.  I'd rather a late release done right than an early release full of bugs.

In the meantime, I'm still training Dungeoneering.  Level 120?  How do people get there?  After a long long time of playing, my level is 111.  To get from 111 to 112 is something like 4 &  1/2 MILLION experience points.  Wow.  Obviously going to keep at it, but I have serious respect for those who've already maxed.

Let me clarify...  I solo dungeons.  No teams.  At best, Monique will duo a dungeon with me sometimes.  Maybe that means it takes a lot longer, but it's more fun that way.  Besides, Sinkholes and Daily Challenges guarantee an easy 200k daily (give or take a healthy amount for randomness)  for just a few minutes of play.

For some time Dungeoneering has felt a little 'stale' to me.  In looking for ways to make it fun again, I ran across a YouTube video for soloing dungeoneering.  It's a well-done video, and I like his approach.  Not certain if it's noticeably faster than my old play-style.  Might be, but what's more important is the change of pace.  I've adapted his recommended action bar, and am now using Momentum.  It makes me need to eat more often, but if necessary I can Soul Split also.  Just playing differently has brought the fun back.

Along the same lines, I recently got a Sagittarius Bow and Arrows drop.  Maybe it's not a Hexbow, but I was happy to get it.  I bound the bow, replacing my Corpsethorn Bow.  And the arrows, giving up my Celestial Blastbox.  (Wasn't using it anyway.)  Then the very next day, it dropped the Sag B&A again!  Didn't keep the bow, but it was nice to max out on the Sagittarius Arrows.

Working on the same premise, it's nice to have some new gear down in the dungeon.  To date, my only Primal equipment is a pick axe.  :^(

Guess that gives me something to work toward.

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