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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Runescape Demon Flash Mobs

(EDIT at bottom of article- the situation is much improved now.)
Runescape released Demon Flash Mobs on 28 Jan 2013.  I have to admit, for whatever reason, I was really excited about this update.  It sounded like a fun fight, something quick to get into when you just wanted a brief combat.  Maybe some decent drops would be included.  And it's always nice seeing new graphics.
The first time the announcement scrolled by on my text window, it was exciting.  Got all geared up... after all, they're supposed to be extremely dangerous and too hard to solo.  It was supposed to be in the Feldip Hills.  Took the Fairy Ring over (AKS).  Tried to find it based on the little map segment in the Runescape site.  No luck.  I ran all over.  Down to Ooglog.  North to Gu'Tanoth.  East and West.  Crisscrossed all over the map.

Never did find that first one, and finally gave up.  The next one was south of Seers Village, kind of north-east of the Range Guild.  A bunch of us stood around for a while, then they popped in.  I was lucky enough to kill an Imp.  I think maybe I hit one of the lesser demons.  Managed to get a few good licks in with the main boss.  Enough to qualify for a drop.
The fight was over rapidly.  I looked all over for my drop, but the crowds were so big, it was hard to spot.  Finally picked up a stack of 8 noted Avantoe, which sold for about 30k gold.  Guess that was my drop.  It was mildly disappointing, but hey... next time, right?

After that, there was one near the southern shore between Lumbridge and Draynor.  Found it easy enough.  Just look for the solid mass of white dots on mini-map.  Again, we all waited for a long time.  At one point, the evil symbol completely disappeared for a long time.  Many gave up and left after waiting a while.  But it eventually returned.  At about 5 minutes after the hour, the flash mob showed up.

This one was even briefer.  I never got to hit the little guys.  Wasn't even sure if I hit the boss demon, except I got the notice that I had earned a drop.  After the fight, I never found my drop.  Even once the crowd thinned down, it just wasn't there.
This reminds me a lot of the monkey mob debacle.  And the Snowman snafu.  The sheer number of people showing up are just too much.  For now, I've lost interest.  Maybe once some time has passed it might be fun.  But it's no fun when you can't even tell if you got to hit them, and can't find your drop afterward.

On top of that, I'm not even going near the Wilderness ones.  Too many people have complained that it's not even possible to fight the demons.  All the PK'ers just waiting to kill you sucks the fun right out.  Nothing against PK'ers, but I don't participate in that part of the game, and have no interest in being killed by pk'ers.  The only exceptions I make are for the Penguin hunt, and any required part of new quests.

I've also seen complaints that if you're killed in range of the big boss, and come back to reclaim your stuff, it's possible he can kill you again before you get your equipment back.  Resulting in a permanent loss of whatever was in your gravestone.  I'm not sure how legitimate a complaint that is.  In my experience, the boss would be long dead before you could get back to the scene.  Maybe if someone found a less populated world it would be an issue.

Anyway, I'd like to report good things, and pass along useful tips.  But honestly, they died too fast, and the crowds were too thick.  Maybe once the 'new' is worn off it'll be worth going back.  For now, Demon Flash Mobs just wasn't what I'd hoped for.

I've gone back twice more since writing this, and it's been much better.  Both times were in the desert, and we only had maybe 5 or 6 players all told.  That was perfect.  Everybody had a chance to fight all levels of demon.  And the boss demon took a lot of damage to kill.  It was a lot of fun.  Of the two times, the first time he seriously tried to kill me.  Decided I had to die, and just wouldn't quit hitting.  Good thing there was plenty of Rocktail in my backpack. :^)
Of the second time, he never even looked at me.  Did massive damage to him, but he'd decided someone else had to die, and wasn't going to change his mind.  That's okay.  The risk was there, but manageable. 
Both times I saw my drop.  Once was 8 noted Grimy Avantoe, which sold for 30k in the GE.  Second time I got Rune Plate.  Not spectacular, but it sold for 38K.  Good enough.  I'm glad to say, if the balance stays like those last two fights, then my review is far more positive.  Hoping for the best, anyway!

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