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Friday, September 21, 2012

Runescape: Daily Challenges and Noticeboard

Runescape seems to have new updates faster than I can play them recently.  A couple of days ago, Jagex released the Daily Challenges and Noticeboard.  They've been talking it up well before releasing it.  I've been looking forward to it.  The idea of giving players suggestions with bonuses sounds great.
There'll be assignments in the menu, that we're guaranteed to have the skill levels for.  That's pretty cool right there.  I always hate when something comes out and my levels have to be trained before I can play it.
Out of my initial list of challenges, I chose to chop 30 magic logs.  Not that I needed to raise that skill, but it seemed like a quick and easy way to try out the Daily Challenges.  Apparently, so did many other people.  I'm currently in the middle of growing Yew trees to train my farming, so I didn't have any private magic trees to chop.  Went to the one in the Gnome Stronghold (by the bank).  It was being shared, and took too much time to regrow.  Same with the one just under the gnome agility course.
My next thought was the bank of Magic trees north of the Ardougne farming allotments.  It was already being chopped by a whole swarm of woodcutters.  Didn't even try the church south of the Seers Village.    It's too easy to access.  Then I remembered the resource dungeon in the Varrock Sewers.  The one right next to Vannaka in the east side of the Edgeville dungeon.  Go through the shortcut, run south a bit, and enter the resource dungeon.

There's a bank of Magic trees (the old graphic style, not the new blueish trees) along the west edge. There were only 2 others players there, so that's where I stayed to complete the task.
The Burthorpe Quartermaster requires you to hand over whatever the task was.  If you didn't bring it along, he can retrieve the items from your bank.  So I couldn't just chop and drop.  Had to actually bank the logs.  When he accepted them from me, he gave me 643 gold... 41 raw Rocktail... and 28k woodcutting experience.

 For a second task, I chose the option to plant a Lantadyme seed.  One seed.  Used the Lumbridge ring to Cabbage Port.  Ran north to the Falador farm, planted the seed.  Quick and easy, and I got nearly 4k experience for it.  No swag bag though.  And contrary to expectation, I bought the seed for 21k gold, and was NOT reimbursed.  21k gold... not a big deal.  But I'm going to keep my eye on it when accepting bigger tasks.  I assume it's because I didn't actually have a 'result' item for the quartermaster to take.  He probably only pays when he takes something from you.
To be honest, I didn't expect the experience rewards to be so large. 

The Burthorpe Quartermaster was quite generous in that regard.  I know there'll be plenty of people upset because of the easy experience granted.  The old-school 99'ers, who think if they had to walk to school and home uphill both ways, in the dark, during a snowstorm, and fighting off ravenous wolves, then nobody else should ride the school bus either.
Personally, I don't mind.  It's a game, and I play it to have fun.  I take pride in my personal achievements, and enjoy most of the changes in Runescape.  The only problem I see here relates to  maxed skills.  I have some skills that are maxed at 99.  And many skills that aren't.  I would prefer to be offered challenges in skills that are NOT yet maxed.  That just obviously seems more useful.

Instead, most of the challenges offered initially were useless for me.  Interesting, fun maybe, but not as useful as earning bonus exp in a skill I'm still training.  Someone else mentioned this in the forums, and a Jagex Mod (Mod Jack) said he was looking into "the possibility of not giving challenges in a skill you're already 99 in."  I hope he's successful with that.  Right now, none of the tasks offered to me are in skills I need. 
One of the easiest tasks was to visit the Godwars dungeon.  Didn't have to do anything, but just the same, geared up for Aviansies.  Hadn't been down there since the graphic update, so it was on my agenda to fight a few Avies and see how it went.  Graphically, the update is very nice.  Much more atmospheric.  I don't generally enjoy boss monsters, so didn't explore them.  Not this trip, anyway.  Functionally, it was the same with one exception.  I don't wear all the different god gear; normally on my way to the Avies, nothing attacks me.  But this time, something attacked me when I entered.  Didn't stop to figure it out, and it wasn't any big threat.  But obviously, something has been shuffled around.  Guess I'll have to re-arrange my gear to defend against all the gods now.

There have also been a few glitches reported.  One that does worry me is related to the 'take from bank' option. When the Quartermaster told me he could take the items from my bank, there was an option to approve permanently, and not ask the question again.  I clicked yes.  I wish I hadn't, because there's no way to change this at the moment.  If you make, as someone in the forums mentioned, 80 adamant daggers for the challenge... but have other adamant items in your bank, apparently the Quartermaster will take your more expensive items, leaving the daggers behind.  Even though you're given something of roughly equal value, I'd rather not have the wrong items removed from my bank.
Don't know if they'll fix that or not.  If you haven't yet made the permanent choice to allow, I'd wait and see.  If you've already made that choice, you'll just have to bear it in mind when doing challenges.

I like the basic concept of the challenge tasks.  Sometimes when I finish one goal, I float around aimlessly for a few days, before deciding what to do next.  Having some suggestions seems like a good idea.  Honestly, I'll probably wind up ignoring it most of the time.  Unless they adjust it to avoid offering maxed skills.  It would be really cool if there was an option, like a box to check or uncheck.  Then it would be OUR choice.

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