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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Runescape Bonus Exp Weekend

Splash Image from Runescape.com during Bonus Exp Weekend
 Today starts the first day of the Runescape Bonus Experience Weekend.  To the best of my recollection, it's the third one ever.  Monique and I missed the first one.  Just had too much happening to play that weekend.  The second one we did really well.  That's pretty much where I got 99 Construction.  
This one, we have a couple of non-game things going on, but should be able to devote most of the weekend to it.  I'm really hyped about it.  With the advent of the new Baby Jad, I've been pushing to 99 my Slayer as fast as possible, and just got to 97 a couple of days ago.  So this is absolutely perfect timing to get that last push in.  Don't know how far it can take me, but I'm going to be Slaying my brains out this weekend... :^)

It's only 2 levels to go, but more than 2 million exp points!
I seriously doubt I can get (roughly) 2 million Slayer exp in a single weekend, even if it IS Bonus Exp Weekend.  But still, that's going to save a tremendous amount of time.  Money too, since I always use an inventory full of Prayer pots, a couple of Super Sets, and a Cannon as often as possible.  Anything I can think of to speed it up.  I can't make Overloads, and don't really want to take the time at this stage to make a bunch of Extreme Potions.  After all, the goal is to get the last 2 levels of Slayer, not to level up Herblore.  Not the timing I would have chosen, but when they came out with Baby Jad, it through my general plans out the window.  I want him NOW!

A little obssessed, you say?  True enough.  I think most real Runescapers are, at least to some extent.  But I have a special history with Jad.  Through all the years he's been in existence, we've been happy to live and let live.  I don't kill him, he doesn't kill me.  We both liked it that way.  Then one day Jagex came out with the Task system, and over time it evolved into a goal of mine to get the Taskmaster Emote.

The bad news:  One of the Tasks requires killing Jad.  Was I committed enough?  Yep.  I'm horrible at Jad's kind of real-time combat.  Anything requiring fast reflexes and hyper-concentration.  So beating him was not just a matter of a couple of days effort.  There was research, study, practice... I had to find the simplest method possible so I could handle the prayer switching.  

The result was 2 months of banging my head against the fight cave wall.  Total frustration.  At some point, I found mention of the Ancient Curses technique.  After a lot of effort, it worked for me and I wound up with 3 Fire Capes.  

By the time it was over, Jad was in my subconscious.  Couldn't quit thinking about him.  He showed up in my dreams.  I kept hearing his sound effects in my head.  To get him out of my system, I wrote about him.  Wrote for nearly a week, and when it was done, it had turned into a pretty good guide on beating Jad with Ancient Curses.  Hadn't meant it to turn out that way, but since it turned out so well, I cleaned it up and published it online as a guide.
Random Slayer Scene #1: Ice Strykewyrms

It worked.  I pretty much went my own way, and left Jad alone down in the depths of his Fight Caves.  Until...
Jagex decided the (non-combat) method of killing Jad with Ancient Curses was a 'glitch', and removed it.  They also 'fixed' the 'Vengeance' method, which was nearly as easy.  All gone.  No more.  So they just destroyed the only way I can beat him, not to mentioned all that time and work making the guide.

Well, that guide is a work of heart for me.  I'm not pulling it off the web, I just included an update that the part of it relating to Ancient Prayers no longer works.  Most of the guide is still very useful.  But the real meat of it is gone.  When I get the assignment from Kuradel, I attempt Jad again.  But she's only offered him twice so far, and I've gotten killed both times.  Still working on him.
Random Slayer Scene #2: Calling down the thunder on Steel Dragons

Okay, by now this just sounds like whining.  But it's setting the stage for the flip side.  Just as the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, Jagex took something from me, but offered something in return.

Baby Jad.  TzRek-Jad.

After all that history, I HAD to get baby Jad.  Already had 99 Summoning.  93 Slayer.  No Zeal Points.  Time to get busy.  By now, I've gotten 97 Slayer.  This bonus exp weekend will get me much farther ahead.  Maybe a whole level.  

When they announced the weekend, I KNEW how I'd be spending it.  How about you?
Final Random Slayer Scene: A Guy and His Titan... taking down the Black Demons

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