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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Runescape Capes of Distinction... Cooler than I thought they'd be!

Holy cow!  When Runescape announced the new capes, I thought "yeah, blah blah blah, nothing to get worked up over."

But when I'm wrong, I really know how to be wrong.  Okay, so maybe not ALL of the capes are that fabulous.  My first inkling that events were moving and shaking was a short little email from Monique:

 "The 5 year cape emote is way cool.  The classic cape emote is just OK.  I have a feeling you will go for the Completionist cape.  :)"
It didn't take much more to intrigue me.  My reply:
"Does it require all 99's in every skill?  I'd hate the requirement, but you're right... I'd it's in my nature to obsess, and this sounds like me.  I'll have to check out the homepage when I get a moment.  And I don't care how way cool the 5-year emote is, taskmaster emote is better!"

The taskmaster thing was a reference to my recent acquisition of the emote... I'm still kind of proud of my taskmaster emote, and here they are already de-valuing it!  

So anyway, when I found time, I checked out Runescape's home page.  Okay, the cape thing is kind of cool after all.  There are multiple capes, respecting many layers and levels of achievement.  If you know your capes, then it becomes pretty easy at a glance to show your overall Runescape progress.  Not just combat, which has always been obvious, but all skills.  

The Veteran's cape is pretty neat, more from the emote than from the cape itself.  No, it's not as cool as the Taskmaster emote, but it's a pretty darn close second.  

Then there's the Max Cape.  You have to have 99 in every skill to wear it, and the emote manages to incorporate aspects of every single skill.  Pretty cool, and I'm certainly going to work on getting one.

But the coolest cape of all time?  Move over skill capes.  Out of the way, Fire cape.  Ardougne Elite Cape, step aside.  The cape of all capes, the Completionist Cape... Wow, the emote is just awesome!  I want one... but it'll be forever before I can get it.  Downer.  This cape has the best emote of all time, converting it's wearer into a dragon that flies, shoots flame breath... oh, heck... just watch the video.  It's too cool for words:

With the Max cape and Completionist Cape, aside from the emote and the bragging rights, you can personalize it with your own color choice.  The Max cape, according to Jagex, is "Overall, the max cape is second only to the completionist cape in terms of stats."   So it's at least the 2nd best cape in the entire game, topping or equaling the Fire Cape. 
The Completionist Cape is, of course, the best, again referring to the above quote.  On top of the stats, it also acts as a combined super-functional cape including:

Counts as a Tzhaar Fire Cape for fighting Strykewyrms
Ava's Accumulator, collecting arrows but not junk
Teleports like the Ardougne Cape 4.

I mean, come on... all that, plus I get to be a DRAGON?  Sigh... years of training to go.  It requires all skills 99, all quests, mini quests, hidden quests.  All music and spellbooks unlocked.  And an unspecified "number of other such feats."  

Oh well, I guess I need to pick a skill and start grinding.  On the downside, I sure hope Jagex has some way to keep bots out of this.  I'd hate to see someone wearing these capes who didn't work hard for them.    

Milestone Capes:
Weave on a loom to make yours. Stats are all 0's.

Classic Cape: Attack stats all 0, Defense Stats all +1, Prayer +1.

Veteran Cape: Attack stats 0, Defense Stats all +5, no Str or Prayer bonuses.

Max Cape: Attack Stats all +5, Defense Stats all +11, Str +4, and Prayer +10.
Wow, I like that! Significantly better than the Fire Cape.

Completionist Cape: Attack Stats all +10, Defense Stats all +12, Str +4.5, and Prayer +13.
Truly the best cape in Runescape.

But, realistically, I'll be years before getting it.  I stand a much better chance of getting the  Max Cape... maybe in about a year...  

At least I qualify for the Classic, Veteran, and at minimum the 6-level Milestone Cape.  And getting 7th and 8th Milestone won't be too hard.  Most of my skills are in the 80 to 90 range, with about 10 already at 99.  Just need to smooth out some of the lowest ones.  Just to be thorough, here's some of the Milestone Capes:

What the heck.  They're still cool capes.  And maybe... just maybe, one day... I'll be the coolest guy in the old folks home when I finally get my Completionists cape!

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