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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finished Relleka Elite Tasks, Got the First Livid Farm Spell... and Got The Taskmaster Emote!!!

I'm not a 'Woot' kind of guy, but this deserves a Woot...  I've been working on mastering all the Elite Tasks for ages, and finally made it!  Everything I've done, every goal achieved, every level raised, every hour played, has all been to earn the Taskmaster rating.  Even facing Jad in the Fight Cave - that wasn't for the Fire Cape, that was for the Elite Task.  I didn't MIND getting the cape, it just wasn't the ultimate goal. 
     Sunday night, I did the last elite tasks, only to realize Runescape pulled a fast one.  They snuck in a Hard Task for the new game, Livid Farm.  Lucky for me, that was one of my future goals anyway, so I really didn't mind, but it slowed me down long enough to get the first spell reward from Livid.
     So, last night, Monday April 11, 2011, for the first time ever, I stood atop my pedestal and waited for the world to bow down before me. 
     Nobody got the memo- All I got was one decent fellow who congratulated me and told me "Well done".  Sigh...
That was a lot of work.  Yes, the per-item rewards are cool.  Some more than others.  I especially love the ones that teleport me. 

I'm super-happy they re-worked the graphics.  For the Elite Armor, it all goes together in a matched set, so it looks cool.  There's still a few pieces to go, so I'm assuming Runescape is going to come out with a few more Tasks.  It still needs a Necklace, Legs, and, honestly, a Weapon.  I'm hoping when they fill all the armor and weapon slots, the completed set will have some totally awesome Set Special Effect.  Something useful, not just flashy.
     In this pic, I'm wielding Elite Enhanced Excalibur, because you don't get the maxed out sword until you've done the all the Seers Village Tasks.  And really, this sword is probably the most useful reward from all the tasks.  It's like a constantly regenerating Monkfish and Super Defence.  Every five minutes...  Now THAT'S useful!

After all that work and effort, dedication and obsession, I wanted to make a video of the emote.  Unfortunately, at this time my computer just isn't fast enough to play Runescape and record screen video at the same time.  So I used my Flip Mino HD Video Recorder to take video manually.  It's not nearly as crisp and clear, but still... that's me up on that pedestal!  Until I can figure out how to get better video, that's what I'm stuck with. 
Getting the Taskmaster emote was a lot of fun at times, and a lot of drudgery at times.  Some skills were very expensive to raise, others just took a long time.  I kind of enjoyed the Slayer levelling, though I was rushing through it by the end.  Below was my final Slayer kill... the grand Ice Strykewyrm!  He was interesting, the entire line of Strykewyrms is a lot of fun to fight.
I've played Runescape for a long time, and had a lot of fun.  Part of the fun is that my wife, Monique, plays it too.  We have a lot of fun with all the different things you can do in Runescape (Penguins later tonight, as a matter of fact...:^)

But after all the quests, all the mini-games, all the fabulous mythical adventures, I have to say getting the Taskmaster emote ranks as one of my top two Runescape moments.  (Beating Jad was the other, and since I took on Jad as part of my quest to achieve the Taskmaster, it's really like both of my greatest moments were from the same thing.) If you want to know how Klutzy me beat Jad, a way that's super easy, click HERE.
So, the video... not the best video, there are better ones on Youtube... but this one's mine!

And, yes, I have about 8 baby Black Dragons and one each Green, Blue, and Red.  I like Dragons.  :^)

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