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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Got the Agile Legs - Yay Runescape!

This is mainly just a quick update from the last time.  After the Runescape bonus exp weekend, I'd managed to get to level 85 Agility.  This gave me access to the Gnome Stronghold Advanced Agility Course, without having to recourse to Summer Pies.  Since Summer Pies give 5 levels of agility, I could have gone anytime after achieving level 80, but it seemed like the odds of failing an obstacle would be too high that way.  Even at 85, I was failing about half the time.  There's only one obstacle that can be failed on that course, the part where you run across the big billboard sign.  But after failing it just a smidgen too often, it was time to load up on Summer Pies.  Grand Exchange, place an order, and now there's half a million summer pies in my bank.  That should help me level up... quite a few times!

The Gnome Stronghold advanced course is pretty cool, goes quickly, and is my favorite agility course so far.  I really liked Ape Atoll for a long long time, but it eventually wore out.  Never really cared much for Dorgesh-kaan agility course.  It was okay for a change, but too easy to get tired of.  Now the Gnomes hold my favor.  Really fun course.  It also comes with a bonus.  If you get 250 perfect laps (and they don't have to be in a row, thankfully) they give you a pair of Agile Legs.  This is leg armor that reduces your total weight by 10 kg when worn.  In conjunction with Boots of Lightness and Spottier Cape, it's an excellent benefit when you're running a lot.

Even better, at level 90 (or sooner with boosts) you can access the Barbarian Advanced Agility Course.  I haven't tried it yet, so don't know how fun it'll be, but 250 perfect laps there will earn the Agile Top, a matching piece to go with the Agile Legs.

Last night I was grinding out laps at the Gnomes, and got the Agile Legs.  Very nice reward, a great motivation to keep going, and something I'll use in other aspects of Runescape.  I've got about 69k to go before getting 86 Agility.  Kind of excited about the Agile Top, and thinking that maybe those Summer Pies will take me into the Barbarian Advanced course to 'get a leg up' on getting the Agile Top.  After all the earlier training, it's great to have legitimately useful rewards!

The bad news... I still haven't beaten Jad.  At this rate I'll never get a fire cape.  Took the exp weekend off from Jad because my combat levels are all maxed, and didn't want to waste bonus exp.  That's why I went up so much in Agility.  But once I get level 86 Agility, it's time to face Jad again.  I'm hoping to do better this time around.  He's killed me too many times, I need to return the favor!
This is not me- wish it was!
Once Jad's done, I'll be happy to get back to Agility.  Work up to 90, collect all my Elite Achievement rewards, and I'll be a happy Runescaper!


thegam3r23 said...


this is just a quick question, about using summer pies at level 85, how much pies would i need to complete 250 perfect laps?

i can't seem to find the answer anywhere on the runescape communitys

Crewman6 said...

It's no wonder there's not a lot of data on summer pie usage. :^)
They boost your agility by 5 levels, and you get 2 bites per pie. As time passes, the boosted levels drop.
At level 85, I did fair by eating a bite every other lap. I'd have done even better taking one bite each lap. You quit failing at level 89 and up.

So if you take a bite of summer pie right before doing the big billboard (the only failable part of the gnome agility course), you'll be 90 as you go over it, and can't miss.

Take one bite each lap, right before the sign. That's 2 laps per pie. 250 laps should require 125 pies. You might buy a few extra just in case of distractions.

I'd buy 150 pies, and just sell back what you don't use. Or you could go on to use the same technique at the advanced barbarian course and get the agile top as well.

Thanks for the question!